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"Kristina has consulted on various health and health education titles over the years for Usborne Publishing including 'First Encyclopedia of the Human Body', 'Growing up for Girls' and 'Looking after your Health'. She has a great eye for detail and always provides sound, useful and accurate advice with a great understanding of how information should be conveyed to different age-groups from tinies to teenagers. Unlike many, she also understands and responds to deadlines, however tight! I'd thoroughly recommend Kristina for any publishing projects."

Felicity Brookes, Editorial Director, Usborne Publishing, May 2020

"Kristina has worked with Bupa as a freelance health editor for more than six years now, and she is very much respected and appreciated for the high-quality work she consistently produces for us. She has reviewed and updated hundreds of our in-depth health information topic pages, commissioning and working with expert reviewers and undertaking detailed medical referencing checks to ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date. On top of this, she is a pleasure to work with!."

Graham Pembrey, Head of Health Content, Bupa, June 2020

"Kristina acts a consultant on, the online children's learning resource. She reviews our pages about the workings of the human body and medical topics. We're delighted with her contribution: she instinctively understands the level we are working at, gives close attention to detail, makes comments with authority and doesn't hold back when she thinks something could be improved. Kristina is also prompt and reliable. A pleasure to work with!"

Nicholas Harris,, The Online Library of Knowledge, June 2020

"Kristina has worked as a freelance medical editor for (M3 EU) for several years and I have always found her to be reliable, efficient and accurate in her work. She has edited online modules and articles for doctors to a consistently high standard. She is also great to work with and it is reassuring to know from the start that a project is going to run smoothly."

Clare Gallaher, Editorial manager,, June 2020

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